Ophthalmology conference, case of glaucoma

The conference started with reminders about the disease. Glaucoma is a disease that especially affects people over 45 years. It is due to an increase in eye pressure leading to an impairment of the optic nerve (which sends visual information to the brain) and the visual field (vision space).

The increase in ocular pressure affects the functioning of the optic nerve, gradually destroying the visual fibers, resulting in amputation, it is also progressive for the case of the visual field. Two major forms of glaucoma exist. This is open-angle glaucoma, the most common and angle closure glaucoma.

Open-angle glaucoma is related to the progressive closure of the evacuation filter, the trabeculum. The fact that this phenomenon is progressive explains why the patient does not feel the slow increase in eye pressure.

Angle closure glaucoma, also called acute glaucoma, is very brutal. It is linked to the attachment in a few moments of the iris to the evacuation filter. It is associated with severe pain and a decline in vision. It is a great ophthalmological emergency.

The ophthalmologist Lévy KANDEKE, in his intervention emphasized that the first challenge is the diagnosis of glaucoma. If the presence of glaucoma is confirmed, the first thing to do is to reduce the eye pressure. Then the next step is the treatment of other risk factors, including blood pressure whether it is hypertension or hypotension.

For advocacy, ophthalmologist Lévy KANDEKE presented the following propositions:

  • Invite the Ministry of Public Health because glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness;
  • Educate patients because after consultation they need to come back for control;
  • Give priority to continuing education, to learn from the experience of others;
  • Availability of medicines but also at an affordable price;
  • Harmonize care so that there is no disparity of treatment in the case of Burundi.

The CEO of Axis Pharma, in his closing remarks, thanked the presenters, the presence of everyone despite the social commitments. He said that the conference was a very rich time in teaching and advocacy, Axis Pharma committed to honor them to the extent possible. After the conference, the Executive Director invited the speakers to share a drink.