Our engagements


To achieve value driven leadership in distribution of complete range of pharmaceutical products for human use and veterinary use, products for agricultural purpose, medical materials, reagents and equipments for the laboratories through quality, service, care and hard work. We wish to raise the flag of Axis Pharma in Burundi as well as in the region. We are dedicated to import the quality products of highest standard and market them at affordable prices. We want to become a leading organization answering to the highest standards of professionalism which aspires to deliver value through high quality pharmaceutical products and build strong brands across therapy segments.

Our values

At AXIS PHARMA , we believe that the quality are not bound by geographical boundaries and the world is not far from reach. We stretch our imagination and resources to provide the quality pharmaceutical products.
Our policy ensures that we fulfill and surpass the ever growing customer expectations in every way possible. After all, quality products play an integral role towards leading a healthy and happy life.

We encourage our team to study , understand and enhance their knowledge on any subject that they are briefed in their carrier.

Quality policy

We believe in Our slogan : “BETTER QUALITY, BETTER HEALTH”

Quality is one of the core philosophies at Axis Pharma. Stringent quality measures are applied to each product. We dream and believe that we can be a leader in the pharmaceutical business and this can be achieved by maintaining the highest of quality standards.

Quality guidelines practiced at Axis Pharma include:

• Utilize the best available resource to have quality products.
• Buy from GMP-compliant manufacturers who has the facilities to meet requirements of all leading regulatory agencies of the world.
• Recruitment of qualified and  professional staff.