Secondary and tertiary health care in Burundi

On 28 January 2016, the KIRA Hospital held a medical day on the theme secondary and tertiary health care . In his welcome address, Dr Christophe Sahabo CEO Kira Hospital, said that this day has the main objective to contribute to improving the quality of secondary and tertiary levels of health care in Burundi. The specific objectives of this day consist primarily to sensitize policy makers and stakeholders on the obstacles in the implementation of healthcare secondary and tertiary levels. Then, in the formulation of recommendations on solving the problems faced by secondary and tertiary health care.

For Chloe Ndayikunda, assistant to the Minister of Public Health and the fight against AIDS, the public health issue is acute in our country. Burundi is one of the Saharan countries whose development index is one of the lowest in the world. This translates into a lack of health coverage both in urban than in rural areas. difficult living conditions are favorable factors for the development of endemic and epidemic diseases. At these diseases join the shortcomings in the areas of prevention, the provision of quality care and accessibility of health facilities.

Ms. Ndayikunda said that the Government of Burundi is firmly committed to combating these constraints with the aim of significantly reducing mortality and morbidity in the country.

It is in the worries to listen and respond to the objective of the government, that the Axis Pharmacy Pharma submitted pharmaceuticals that most often occur in those categories will set up health care.