Official launch of new drugs against viral hepatitis C in Burundi

Axis Pharma with health professionals organized a medical conference Friday, September 11, 2015, on the occasion of the official launch of new drugs against viral hepatitis C in Burundi. This new drug named Hepcinat comes to timely because Burundian patients could not be treated. Those who had the means were used abroad at a higher price of four thousand euros. This new drug launched by Axis Pharma will cost a total of six million Burundian francs. Pharmacist CEO of Axis Pharma said that this price is affordable compared to other drugs that were on the market. But given the buying power of the Burundian people, he wished all participants as the mutual Public Service could contribute to its affiliates. Axis Pharma has promised that two thousand people will be screened for free and this is done at a high price of one hundred thousand Burundian francs if we want to evaluate viral load. Medical specialists who have exposed that this drug has no side effects observed until today compared to injection treatments that existed before but he must take it correctly for six months. This medical conference saw the participation of the Burundian health professionals, Bukavu but also the patients who hope for a treatment.