First congress of cardiology organized by the Burundian Society of Cardiology

On September 29, 2017, at the Source Source of the Nile, the Burundian Society of Cardiology organized the first cardiology congress under the theme “Management of Hypertension”.

Mrs. Josélyne NSANZERUGEZE, Assistant Minister of Public Health and the fight against AIDS, pointed out that the mortality due to infectious and tropical diseases is decreasing thanks to the efforts made by the government with regard to vaccination which has reduced significantly infant mortality. She also pointed out that unhealthy diet and smoking favor the onset of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure in particular.

Dr. Marc NIMBURANIRA, president of the Burundian Society of Cardiology, pointed out that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world, including Burundi. In order to find solutions to this public health problem, Burundian cardiologists created the society. Their contribution will focus on the research, the sensitization of the population and the nursing staff on the cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors as well as the treatments of these last ones.

Regarding the last point, Axis Pharma presented the drugs that treat cardiovascular diseases during the congress.