7th Annual Scientific Conference on Preventive Medicine and an Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Products.

On June 16, 2017, the Burundian Association of Medical Specialists (ABSM) organized its 7th congress at the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) under the theme: “Preventive medicine”. The conference was attended by researchers from the University of Burundi, Public Health Institutes, Medical Research Centers, Hospitals Directors, pharmaceutical companies, internal students of the Faculty of Medicine and many others. Other specialized agencies in scientific research.

Research professors from the University of Burundi and other researchers from the research centers who presented their research at the conference are: Dr. Joseph NYANDWI, Caregiver Vaccination: State of Play, Dr.Pontien NDABASHINZE, Preventive analgesia through breast-feeding in the newborn’s invasive care, Dr. Déo NIYUNGEKO, Vaccinology: 1st World Health Revolution, Dr. Alexis SINZAKARAYE, Prevention, early detection and management of disability In children, Pr.Théodore NIYONGABO, The epidemiological transition in infectious diseases, Prof. Elysée BARANSAKA, Prevention of cardiovascular risk factors, Dr. Patrice BARASUKANA, Better understanding of epilepsy for better management, Dr. François NDIKUMWENAYO, Restrictive respiratory insufficiency: avoidable complication of NCDS, Dr. Eugène NDIRAHISHA, Nutritional prevention of cardiovascular diseases , University of Newcastle upon Tyne, New York, NY, ETATS-UNIS Résumé / Abstract Antimicrobial Resistance for Common Pathogens in the Urinary Tract Infection of University Teaching Hospital of Kamenge, PR. Renovating NTAGIRABIRI, Preventing Digestive Cancers: Informing and Screening to Save Lives, Dr. Marylène B. BINDARIYE, Understanding to Prevent and Better Treatment: Clinical Research, Dr. Emmanuel KAMO, Occupational Medicine in Burundi: Dr. Jean Claude NIYONDIKO, Prevention of road accidents, Dr. Elsa NGENDAKUMANA, Prevention of accidents on site, Dr. Charles GATURAGI, Impact of physical practice on cardiovascular health: physiological aspects. Several recommendations were made at each session, which will allow the establishment of an effective way of preventive medicine. After the presentations, precise and concise answers were given by the speakers to the various questions asked.

In his closing remarks, the President of the Burundian Association of Medical Specialists thanked the participants for their active participation in this congress. He specifically thanked the partners who funded this Axis Pharma conference.

Axis Pharma, with its Axis Promo division, had a stand to present samples of medicines and other pharmaceutical products.